Nearly all steel fabricators just fabricate steel. When you ask them about erecting, they have no expertise to provide you for planning your project. Instead, they tell you they will get back to you after they talk to their erector, costing you time and money. Is that the way you want your next project to go? Didn’t think so.


At CSE, we self-perform all our erecting. You will work directly with an experienced project manager that knows fabricating and erecting, so your questions get answered accurately and intelligently the first time, assuring your building is erected on time, on budget and just the way you expected.

Then at the job site, a CSE foreman works with our fabricating facility to coordinate production and delivery of steel. By controlling the flow of material, we are able to reduce the lay down area, making your site easier to manage.

CSE has over 30 years of experience erecting steel. We are an AISC Certified Erector, so you can trust that no matter how small or large your steel project is, CSE has the expertise and quality to make your project a success.